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Saturday, 27 December 2014

PK Movie Grosses 368 Crores Worldwide At The Box Office Collections

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PK being Aamir Khan's Christmas release performed excellently at the box office. The film, post Day 8, has grossed 283 crores in India. The collections are significant considering the film has only completed a week.

Since it is a vacation season in the overseas circuit too, the film has grossed 85 crores-plus in the international circuit.
PK has received brilliant responses and the film is expected to have long run considering there are no other releases slated for the year. The film truly ended 2014 on a good note and while the first two weeks of December have been quite disappointing for the Bollywood business, it seems that PK has washed off the gloom and is ready to make and break some big records.

The film is currently the seventh highest worldwide grosser with 368 crores gross collections worldwide. The overseas collections are yet to come out, which will add up more in PK's worldwide total.

Bollywood Box Office Top Worldwide Earners.

PK Movie Does Well On Day 8 (Second Friday) At The Box Office Collections

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PK made fantastic business on Day 8 i. e. Second Friday at the Box Office in India. This Aamir Khan starrer has managed to earn 14 crores yesterday, taking its total collections to approx 196.39 crores nett.

The movie's mouth publicity is extremely positive in mass as well as urban circuits. The occupancy in the evening and late night shows were excellent overall, especially in the metros, which helped the film to collect good moolah. Coming to the Highest Grossers of Bollywood, PK is all set to beat the lifetime collections of Ek Tha Tiger, 3 idiots and Happy New Year by the completion of Day 9.

Of course, the movie will definitely break more records in the coming days. Watch this space for more.

PK Movie Becomes 7th Highest Worldwide Grosser Earns 348 Crores At The Box Office Collections

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PK had a brilliant 1st week not only in the domestic but also in the overseas circuit. The film has collected 182.39 Cr. nett and 263 crores gross in India.
The film has become the Highest 1st week grosser too. Since Aamir Khan has a huge fan following in the overseas circuit, the collections in the international markets are huge.
PK collected 85 crores in the overseas circuit which is 13.36 million USD. The film has now become the seventh highest worldwide grosser.

One of the main reasons for PK's exceptional performance is that the film released over the Christmas week which is a major holiday time in the overseas. Also with India too having Christmas vacations and Thursday being a national holiday, the film showed a huge jump.
PK is riding high on a positive word of mouth from both critics as well as audiences. The film is certainly on its way at achieving the big feat of becoming the highest grosser of the year and may even beat the highest ever record set by Dhoom 3.

Bollywood Box Office Top Worldwide Earners.

PK MOvie Beats Kick, Bang Bang’s Lifetime Overseas Collections In 7 Days Box Office

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Aamir Khan's PK is doing overwhelming business at the Overseas Box Office. The movie has made a whopping business of 13.36 million USD {85 crores INR} in one week at the International arena.

The movie has entered Top 10 Highest / Grossing Bollywood Films In Overseas and thus evicted Shah Rukh Khan's Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. Also, beating Salman Khan’s Kick, Hrithik Roshan's Bang Bang and Don 2, this Rajkumar Hirani film has taken No. 7 position in the list.
PK collected approx 6 million USD at the North America box office and has touched 16 crores business at the UAE/GCC box office already. At the Australia box office, PK collected 2 million A$.

Meanwhile, check out other films in the Top 10 Highest Grossing Hindi Films In Overseas list right here.

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Ugly MOvie Will Fare Well With Anurag Kashyap's Niche Audience Trade Experts Box Office

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Anurag Kashyap's Ugly after almost a year of delay has finally hit the theaters today. The movie was screened across various international film festivals receiving rave reviews for the story and the performances. Having released a week later a big flick PK, here is what the trade experts have to say about movie's business and the release date strategy.

Tarun Tandon [M.D Indra Films, Nizam and Andhra]: If the content of the movie is good, it will definitely perform, because it has got a holiday period. Ugly is going to be tested on the content. I don't see a big opening for the movie, because it's a small movie and it's been promoted in a very limited scale. They should have started the promotions way before. Anurag Kashyap's small movies have always performed, and for its budget, I think, Ugly will do pretty well and see a decent figure at the Box-Office. PK's performance has been fabulous, but still Ugly is seeing the release and is getting shows everywhere, though less number of screens, but they are not missing out on the holiday period. So I think coming a week later is not a bad call. Probably getting more screens, but not having a holiday period compensates. Coming a week later is not an issue, but having released with PK would be a major issue. However, 2nd January 2015 would have been a better day.
Akshaye Rathi {Exhibitor, Mumbai}: There are a few like The Lunch Box and other small movies that have done phenomenally well, but Ugly doesn't look like that. It's way too niche a film for the numbers to be significant. PK is going to have a phenomenal sustenance of shows and screens in the second week in the multiplexes, as barring a rare few in the metros, PK won’t be showcased much in the single screens. Hence, Ugly will have two to four shows in every multiplex property. But, I don't know if that's good enough to do phenomenally well. It will do fine with a very niche audience but, I don't see it going much beyond that.

PK Movie Has Surpassed Expectations. But Will It Make 300 Crore? Trade Experts

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The trade hints at 300 Cr. for PK, as the movie shows up impressive figures each passing day. Taking the second highest spot as the non holiday opener following Aamir Khan's Dhoom-3 and holding the Highest 1st Week Collections record, PK despite having shelved in few single screens, is going strong and has picked up excellently well with positive word of mouth and reviews by the critics.

As the holiday week kick started yesterday, here we bring to you the word from the trade experts.

N.R Pachisia [Producer and Distributor, Mumbai]: The business of PK is on the expected line. Finally the numbers have come in and the movie is already established. Commenting on has the business being affected by not having screened in few single screens, then I would say that it could have added the numbers, but it has not affected the collections largely. PK is a multiplex film, and I don't know why people don't agree, but the movie infact has picked up very well with the word of mouth and even the media has given thumbs up. And yesterday being a big holiday, it again made big numbers, and looking at the response it is getting at the Box/Office the movie is seen heading towards 200 Cr with a fast pace. Will the movie make 300 Crore, well, that can only be decided after next week, but, yes, the film is heading towards big numbers.

Tarun Tandon [M.D, Indra Films, Nizam and Andhra]: Yes, I definitely think the numbers are as per expectations and we are looking at the movie which is going to do 300 Crore. So, I think its performance is at par at what the expectations were and I think it might succeed the expectations also as we still have First January too as a Holiday. So with the number of holidays the movie is going to break all records. The opening day wasn't that big, but, then with the reviews and word of mouth, the movie has picked up over the weekend and Sunday was fabulous. We cannot say that the movie has disappointed us in any way. Looking at my territory there is no drop in the Nexus. The Nexus are rock steady. PK is a movie which has the potential to go beyond 300 Cr. lifetime collections. There is no drop, the way normal movies drop, good movies with good reviews even have a drop, but we are not seeing that kind of drop in PK.

Akshaye Rathi [Exhibitor / Mumbai): The conditions obviously are as expected or rather more awfully expected. The movie has sustained fabulously through the week. Yesterday being Christmas, the collections were huge and the movie is going to sustain fabulously in the winter vacation. And the way the film has sustained, 99.9% we are looking at PK as the biggest grosser ever. The movie's collections were hardly affected by not getting released in few single screens, it was almost negligible.

So, while the trade experts predict that PK will make a 300 Cr. business easily, what do you think?

PK Movie Scores Heavily On Christmas Beats Dhoom-3′s Record First Week Box Office Collections

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PK has hit the roof. If the weekend saw wonderful momentum building for the film, weekdays showed the level of acceptance that the Aamir Khan starrer had fetched. The film continued to score heavily and with Christmas holiday on Thursday, the Rajkumar Hirani affair saw an escalation all over again. As a result, the film managed to gather astonishing footfalls with collections of 182.39 crores [nett] in its First Week itself.
The success has turned out to be even better for all involved, and there are reasons aplenty. First and foremost, Aamir has managed to break his own record of Dhoom-3 that was created last year for the highest collections ever gained in the first week run.

Secondly, Rajkumar Hirani has almost managed to collect the entire lifetime collections of 3 Idiots [202 crore]. Thirdly, producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra's confidence in the product and the promises that he made to the distributors have proven true as well. Last but not the least, Anushka Sharma is back in business with a biggie, and how.

With the kind of response that PK is gaining, it is now a given that this social/satirical affair would result as the biggest success of 2014, hence surpassing Salman Khan’s Kick {233 crore} and Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year {203 crore}. Meanwhile, it would also go past the Chennai Express {227 crore}.

The next big target though is Dhoom 3 which had managed 284 crore. There are many more overs (read open days) ahead to score these runs {collections} and it is now a matter of whether the film manages to seize this opportunity and play consistently or run out of breath after some initial quick hitting!

Note: 179 crore is Dhoom-3's First week collections for only HINDI Version.

Bollywood Information - Box Office 10 Days Collections Of Top Highest Grossers

Ugly Movie Box Office Prediction Completely Depends On Word Of Mouth

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Out of a blue, Anurag Kashyap's much delayed Ugly is all set for release today. With just a 10 day window for the film’s promotion, the thought is indeed noble to spend less on marketing.
Having said that, it is pretty much a wait and watch scenario to see if the gamble indeed pays off. After all, PK is doing great guns whereas Ugly doesn't have any star face to fetch audience for itself. It would all boil down to word of mouth.
Now that could still be fine enough for a feel good affair as such films have a bigger chance to grow on the basis of news spreading fast about their worth. However, Ugly is a dark film and hence is aiming for a niche audience to begin with.
As things stand today, the film can't really expect an opening per se, and it would actually be a surprise in itself if it indeed manages to register an impact the box office.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Ugly Movie Full Review

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Movie: Ugly
Rating: 4/5 Stars [Four stars]

Star Cast: Ronit Roy, Tejasvini Kolhapure, Rahul Bhat, Vineet Singh, Girish Kulkarni, Siddhanth Kapoor, Surveen Chawla, Vipin Sharma

Director: Anurag Kashyap

What's Good: When you get to see noir at its best in a Bollywood film. The film true to its name is Ugly. It is dark and certainly not for the faint-hearted. Anurag Kashyap is one of the few directors who knows how to build a plot with multiple characters and yet leave us wanting for more as we meander into their lives and try to find a reasoning to their actions. Unraveling the true nature of human greed, this film is a mirror for all of us who have demons inside us.

What's Bad: Well, not all would want to sit through a grim film that stretches for over two hours. The film is not a regular drama and if you are one of those who want cinema to be an enjoyable experience, this is certainly not for you.

Loo break: Control it! This is life unfolding in front of you.

Watch or Not ?: Once again stressing on the fact that this film is not for those weak and those who want to ease their minds off while watching a film. This is a complete Anurag Kashyap masterpiece and if you are familiar with his style of film making, this one is a must-watch for you. He does what he is best at, give us a something that is unforgettable. Don’t make the mistake of comparing it to his previous works, this one is a gem in itself.

A 10-year-old Kali goes missing in a bustling street after being left in the car by her father Rahul, who is a struggling actor. Thus, follows a story of kidnapping, ransom and a string of grim characters who come under the radar of the police. As Kali’s step-father, a cop, takes on the mission to find this little girl, he encounters a lot on his way including his current wife’s ex-husband and his college enemy Rahul.

In the midst of the disappearance of a young child, can these adults move over their past and put behind their egos or will they hold onto their grudges and sacrifice the life of a 10-year-old mid way?

Ugly Movie Full Review Script Analysis: Bollywood has always stayed away from dark dramas and among the very few filmmakers, Anurag Kashyap is one who dares to bare it all in his films. Ugly is raw, grim and a in-the-face film which deals with multiple characters who falter prey to their own greed as they are caught up in a strange situation. The script is bang-on and probably Kashyap's best.

I haven't felt the chills of his story telling ever since Black Friday and this is a second. His three lead characters are messed up, one being the struggling actor Rahul [Rahul Bhat], other being his ex-wife Shalini [Tejaswini Kolhapure] who is suicidal and now a caged wife of a ruthless cop played by Ronit Roy. While all three have a back drop, they keep struggling to get in terms with their life then and now. Ego and greed being the two main angles in this story, Ugly really gets ugly as the course of the story builds. The pace is amazing and this is a truly gripping script. Right from the first scene of the film where a listless Tejaswinin Kolhapure is contemplating her suicidal thoughts, the film sets its tone. This is an excellent story and with its blissful casting it shines in every frame.

Ugly Movie Full Review Star Performances: One person who truly enthralls us in this film is undoubtedly Ronit Roy who plays a ruthless cop. He is fearless and determined to find his step-daughter Kali but is at the same time held back by his haunting past. A male-chauvinist, he would rather cage his wife than let her out of sight. Ronit does a fine job and truly plays his character with full might.

Rahul Bhat who plays Kali’s dad and a struggling actor does a good job too. The actor who is seen after a decade in a film is quite surprisingly up to the mark and we wonder why the hibernation period.

My other favorite pick is certainly Vineet Singh. He is flawless as the casting agent who is slimy and sly as required.

Siddhanth Kapoor does not have a plum role in the film but his most iconic scene for sure will remain in memory as he dances with bundles of cash tucked in his underpants.

All I will remember Surveen Chawla who plays Rakhee the item girl will be for her ‘Nichod De’ performance. A good mockery on the item songs.

But out of all the aforementioned character, you truly feel sad for Tejaswini Kolhapure’s character which she pulls off with complete finesse as one who remains to be nothing but a woman who is conquered by both the men in her life and I mean ‘conquered’ instead of being loved. She portrays a torn woman who could neither receive nor give love.

Ugly Movie Full Review Direction. Editing and Screenplay: Anurag Kashyap is a director who believes in presenting the human nature and its raw elements on celluloid. This time on his radar is greed and the demons inside us which even overpower our usual emotional sides. A story of a 10-year-old being kidnapped transforms into much more complex as each character flips sides according to their suitability. This film is evocative of raw emotions. The lighting in the film is as dark and dim as all of its characters.

One of the best scenes captured by the director is that of the police station where Rahul Bhatt who is the father of the kidnapped child comes to file a complaint but is cross questioned and asked to talk about call phones and explain how to set a contact photo in a cell phone. Can you imagine the frustration one would go through if this happened? Well, that’s what this all about.

The editing is tight and in spite of having multiple characters, we rarely find a character missing and the director gives us no chance to forget them. As perverse as his characters are, the locations too speak a lot about them and thus as always in any of Kashyap's films, the atmosphere too tells the story.

Ugly Movie Full Review The Last Word: Ugly is a mean, dark and unsettling film that will rip you off in its last scene. This film is for the strong-hearted. It is honest, bare and raw in all its sense. As disgusting as the characters are, you want to watch this film for their diverse personalities and just to see what goes on in warped brains that bring out the worst in them. I loved the film for its brave nature and I am going with a 4/5 for its bold content.

Ugly Movie Official Trailer on YouTube>

PK Movie All Set To Evict SRK’s KANK and Enter Top 10 Highest Overseas Grossers Box Office

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PK has had a smashing start at the domestic box office. The film in merely six days has made a collection of 154.84 crores in India, which is commendable. Since it is a Aamir Khan film, naturally there were high expectations from it and also it was one of the most-awaited films of the year. Releasing it in the opportune time of Christmas, the film will certainly fare well considering it is a vacation time.

In the overseas too, the film has started with a bang. It has now collected 10.5 million US Dollars so far. The film will soon be entering the Top 10 Highest Grossers In Overseas. PK's Overseas collections are slightly behind Shah Rukh Khan's Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and will soon evict the movie from the list.

PK will mark Aamir’s third film to make it to the Highest Overseas Grossers’ list after Dhoom-3 and 3-Idiots which hold the Top positions.

Top 10 Highest Grossing Bollywood Films In Overseas Box Office

PK Movie Becomes 4th Highest Grosser Of 2014 Beats Singham Returns Box Office Collections

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Aamir Khan's most anticipated film of the year PK has had a smashing start and the film within its first six days itself has made a collection of 154.84 crores at the domestic box office. This is Aamir’s fourth film into the 100 crore club and looking at the way it is performing, soon the film may be crossing 200 crores mark too.

The film has now beaten the lifetime collections of Ajay Devgn starrer Singham Returns which made a lifetime collection of 141 crores at the domestic box office. PK has stayed extremely strong in the weekdays and with the Christmas holiday too on Thursday, the film will be cashing in on it.

PK has now become the fourth highest grosser of the year.

Bollywood Top 10 Indian Movies 2014 Box Office
''all-India net collections'' ''in Rs. crores''

PK Crosses The 150 Crores Mark In 6Days First Wednesday Box Office Collections

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PK remained rock steady over its sixth day as well. The film collected 19.56 crores on its first Wednesday i.e. Day 6 and now stands with a total collection of whopping 154.84 crores at the domestic box office.

The film is performing extremely strong in multiplexes and with a Christmas holiday on Thursday i.e. today, the advance bookings have shown a good response and the film will surely get a good peak. The Rajkumar Hirani film has received a lot of appreciation from critics as well as audiences.

Starring Aamir Khan in the lead, PK has been consistent in the mass circuits too. The urban centers such as Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore are excellent. Looking at its current pace, PK may have a brilliant first week with collections estimated around 188-190 crores, which will be the Highest 1st Week Collections of All Time.

Bollywood Information - Bollywood Box Office 10Days Collections Of Top Highest Grossers Box Office
''all-India net collections'' ''in Rs. crores''